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Ayour office becoming overwhelmed and overfilled with old junk and furniture? Too many cubicles, chairs, outdated computers and desks? Don’t sweat it any longer. The pain in the behind of getting rid of the outdated and used junk in your office is no longer. The remedy to that pain in the butt is simple, Junkman!

We can help you with all your office junk and furniture removal needs. The process is simple and painless and the service is top notch. We ensure that all our customers are 100% satisfied with every job. So whether you own an office building with junk piling up, or manage an office with some extra furniture that’s no longer being used, we can help.

 Office Removal

How It Works: 

Step 1: We give a free phone estimate or schedule a upfront free appointment at a time that is convenient for you right over the phone.
Step 2: We call 15min -30min before the scheduled appointment to let you know our technicians are in route.
Step 3: One of our clean trucks arrives on-time at the customer's home or business and our friendly, uniformed driver will introduce there self.
Step 4: Our technicians will ask you to point to the cubicles that need to be remove.
Step 5: Our technicians will do all the loading and lifting.
Step 6: The cubicles is removed and a thorough clean up of the site is completed on a professional level.
Step 7: The metal is recycled.
Freestanding systems
Panel based systems
L-shape  systems
And more...
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