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Need help with refrigerator removal? We are the leading choice for refrigerator removal in the DMV Area! Our technicians provide free estimates and a convenient online booking system. You can leave all of the hard work to us; from lifting to loading, we'll take care of it all! Get rid of your old refrigerator fast and easy with our professional services - book today!

removing refrigerator from home



Are you a homeowner or renter looking to removing an old refrigerator? If so, contact us and ask about our referral program. By working with us, you can save money for other projects and rest assured that your fridge will be properly removed from your property. Homeowners selling their home can even connect with their realtor to receive discounts on our services!book online today for a convenient appointment.

We offer refrigerator removal services that guarantee the proper disposal and recycling of your old appliance. We take extra care to ensure that all pieces of e-waste are disposed of responsibly, providing certifications for our customers as proof. In addition to this, we donate any usable materials to charities and provide customers with donation receipts.


Junkman Removal & Disposal Services offer comprehensive refrigerator removal services to make removing your old fridge a hassle-free process. Our team of experienced professionals have the expertise to complete any size project swiftly and efficiently, so you can rest assured that your refrigerator will be removed safely and in no time. We put customer needs first to ensure that every job is completed with satisfaction.

Trained, Licensed, & Insured - We ensure to get the job done efficiently and safely

Discounts for Seniors & Military - Enjoy ongoing yearly savings for these customers

Go Green Disposal & Recycling - We try and recycle 100% of items clean out

Common residential household junk removal jobs:

Free Estimates & Same-Day Service  

Are you looking for quick and efficient refrigerator removal services? Look no further than Junkman Removal & Disposal Services! We offer free upfront quotes and same day services to save you time and money. Schedule today by calling us at (301) 395-7940 or simply book online with our easy-to-use system.


 Steps Clean Out Process!

Ready to have your old refrigerator removed? Contact us today to arrange a technician team to come to your home and provide you with a complimentary estimate.

If you're looking to get an old refrigerator removed, our technicians are here to help. Upon arrival, they'll need you to point out the refrigerator so they can properly handle the removal and hauling away of the item.

Refrigerator removal is an easy and eco-friendly process. Once you've decided on a fair rate, our team is ready to begin the lifting and loading right away -- or we can plan it for a later date at your convenience. We'll either donate, recycle, or re-use the refrigerator once it's out of your way!

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