Do you need an old or broken bicycle picked up quickly? Junkman specializes in bicycle recycling. We will remove your old bicycle from anywhere at your location. Depending on its condition, we’ll either recycle your bicycle at a local bike recycling facility or donate it to someone in need.

How It Works: 


  • General Bicycle

  • Kids Bikes

  • Plastic or Metal Frames

  • Bike Wheels & Parts

  • Recumbent or Cruising Bicycles

  • Folding Bikes

  • Adult Tricycles

  • Tandem Bicycles

  • Fixed Gear or Track Bikes

  • Cyclocross Bikes

  • Commuting Bicycles

  • BMX or Trick Bikes

  • Triathlon or Time Trial Bikes

  • Road Bikes

  • Hybrid/Comfort Bicycles

  • Mountain Bikes

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