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If you're looking for reliable real estate service in the DMV area, look no further than our one-stop shop for foreclosure clean outs. Our highly trained team members specialize in de-cluttering a property quickly and efficiently with our flexible online booking system. With our upfront free estimates and convenient mobile-friendly service, you can sit back and relax knowing your clean out needs are in capable hands. From complete cleanouts to trash outs, we've got it all covered. Let us be your go-to real estate service and trust us to do the hard work for you!




Are you in need of foreclosure clean outs for a property you’re looking to sell? If so, we’ve got you covered! As a Real Estate Agent or Realtor, contact us to learn more about our referral program and how networking with us can save cash for your clients. Homeowners can connect us with their realtor and receive discounts on the clean out services. Get the peace of mind from the clutter in the property when you schedule an appointment online.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a real estate investor, or the lender on a property, foreclosure clean outs can make it easier to list and market a home for sale. A foreclosure clean out will involve the removal of clutter, furniture, and other debris left in a home by its former occupants. Doing so allows potential homebuyers to more easily picture themselves living in the house. Finally, a thorough cleaning as part of the foreclosure clean out helps make sure that any new inhabitants can enjoy their new home safely and comfortably.




We specialize in foreclosure clean outs that focus on recycling and providing outstanding service. We make sure to donate anything of value, and issue donation receipts for all donated items. On top of that, we also do proper disposal of any electronic waste according to certification standards. Our goal with each job is to responsibly find a new home for all the junk instead of just throwing it away.

Are you looking for a partner who can help you with foreclosure clean outs? Look no further than Junkman Removal & Disposal Services. Our experienced team is dedicated to offering efficient, reliable solutions tailored to meet your needs. We can handle any size project and give agents the freedom to focus on client service. Some more advantages of our services include:

Trained, Licensed, & Insured - We ensure to get the job done efficiently and safely

Discounts for Networking - Our networking agents enjoy savings for their clients

Go Green Disposal & Recycling - We try and recycle 100% of items clean out

Normal commercial clean out projects are:

Net Payment Options 

Need junk clean out from a foreclosure? Look no further than Junkman Removal & Disposal Services! We offer volume-based pricing, with the option of net payment for commercial customers. Our easy online scheduling system makes it simple to book now, or give us a call at (301) 395-7940 to learn more about our net payment options.


 Steps Clean Out Process!

Do you need a foreclosure clean out? Schedule your free upfront estimate now and our qualified technicians will soon be on their way to help get the job done right!

If you require foreclosure clean outs services, our trained technicians will come and assess the items that need to be removed. They'll take all necessary steps to safely and efficiently clear out the area leaving it free of any unwanted materials.

When you agree to an affordable rate with our team, they'll begin your foreclosure clean out right away - or schedule a date of your preference. All items will be responsibly recycled, donated or reused.

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