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How to Do a Real Estate Cleanout the Right Way

Get your house ready for sale with this ultimate guide to a perfect real estate cleanout! From preparation to assembling a team, learn all you need to know about property clearance.

Selling a home can be stressful, especially when it's time for the cleanout! Having an organized plan in place ahead of time is not only key to minimizing stress and maximizing profit but also essential for perfecting that showroom-ready look. With this ultimate guide to real estate cleanout, you'll have all the tips and tricks you need to prepare your property for sale.

Prepare Your Property and Gather Supplies

Before starting the real estate cleanout process, give your property a thorough inspection to identify any areas in need of cleaning. Make note of any large items that may need to be removed, as well as any small debris or trash lying around. Then gather all the supplies you’ll need for the job, such as garbage bags, chemicals, scrubbing brushes and cleaning cloths.

Make a List of Items You Want Removed

To ensure you don’t accidentally overlook something, make a comprehensive list of everything that needs to go before the real estate cleanout starts. This should include furniture, electronics, building materials, decorations and any other large items that clutter up the home. Be sure to also measure the items and take pictures in case needing to rent additional moving equipment or order a special service.

Assemble a Cleanout Team

For anyone tackling a real estate cleanout on their own, it’s beneficial to assemble a team of professionals who can help get the process done in the smoothest and safest manner possible. This team should include a qualified mover, an insured and licensed cleaning service, organizers who can ensure the home is flawless before sale, any necessary contractors to help with repairs, removalists to clear out any hazardous materials and a reliable rubbish removalist who will take away all waste items

Designate Areas for Trash, Grimy Items, Giving Away, and Selling

Designate areas while you’re prepping a real estate cleanout to distinguish between the junk that needs to be thrown out, items that are too dingy for sale or donation, and items of higher value that can either be sold or given away. This step is important as it will help determine how much of your cleaning budget to reserve for rubbish disposal and how much to set aside for removalists who can help with the tricky job of removing hazardous materials from the home.

De-clutter and Damage Check Every Room

An essential task of real estate cleanouts is making sure that each room within the property looks presentable and neat. Start by removing any bulky items of furniture or decorative pieces that won’t benefit the potential buyer, such as old family photos. Then move on to checking for wall scuffs, broken floorboards, watermarks, or any other telltale signs of damage. Once these have been cleared away you can start to focus on de-cluttering each room and creating a blank canvas ready for renovation.

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